Geri, EMDR-Certified

Men's Therapist

Geri, EMDR-Certified

As a certified EMDR therapist in Colorado, I help men who have been unable to overcome the burdens of trauma, loss, stress, or anxiety so they can live a full and meaningful life.

Geri's Bio

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor that offers telehealth therapy to men in Denver and all over Colorado who are committed to working toward living a full and meaningful life.  

I work with men 18 and older who are suffering from anxiety or who have experienced a traumatic event or loss and have been unable to recover on their own. Men that I work with often feel stuck in the aftermath of trauma or anxiety and find they are not living the kind of life they want to live. Trauma and anxiety are pervasive and can lead to imbalance and disruption in all areas of life. 

Many men seek therapy because they are overwhelmed and are experiencing symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, avoidance, interpersonal conflict, and depression. Other symptoms that bring men to therapy include lack of self-compassion, not participating in life like they used to, nightmares, and having recurring thoughts of a traumatic event. These are just some of the negative experiences that bring men to therapy. Some men suffer for years before they are ready to make the commitment to participate in counseling. It takes courage to enter a therapeutic alliance and I consider it a privilege to facilitate the healing journey of so many over the last 17+ years. Therapy can be uncomfortable and difficult, but it can be incredibly rewarding and life changing. 

My goal as a therapist is to facilitate healing in a safe environment so that clients can live a value congruent life.

How I Work

The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is one of the most important factors in therapeutic success.  So, finding a therapist you trust and connect with is essential.

Therapy is a collaborative process and treatment outcomes are highly dependent not only on the therapeutic relationship but also on client investment and follow through.  I encourage clients to take accountability for being involved in their own healing journey.  I often urge clients to practice skills and complete tasks outside of our meetings. My therapeutic style is client centered.  I am warm and compassionate.  I have a sense of humor and aim to create a safe space where clients feel comfortable to engage.

Our first meetings are an opportunity to get to know one another and begin a partnership to meet your goals and ultimately help you live a value congruent life.  We will make introductions, review your history, and the paperwork you completed prior to session.  We will also discuss the problems that brought you to therapy, identify goals and come up with a plan for treatment to meet your unique needs and help you to get back to living the life you want to live.   

In our time together, I will ask you about strategies that are working and helpful and those that are not. You will learn and practice skills that will help you to have a different relationship with yourself and the symptoms that brought you to therapy. I offer a variety of evidenced based therapies including EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, mindfulness, brain spotting, meridian point tapping, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and more. 

Follow up sessions will continue to build the relationship and work toward your goals. This will include skill building, processing difficult memories, exploring thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors.  We will build on your strengths, delve into alternate perspectives, identify values, and integrate mindfulness.  We will review homework, develop self-compassion, and much more. 

Each session is individualized and tailored to your specific needs. I am flexible and believe you are the most important part of your healing journey. I will facilitate your exploration to finding meaning and living with purpose. 

Like many of life’s meaningful ventures, therapy can be a difficult process. Sometimes people notice their symptoms get worse before they improve. This can be discouraging, but if you hang in there and work hard you will reap the benefits of this worthwhile challenge. With time, practice, and dedication you will notice improvement in your quality of life.

My Experience

My expertise and specialty is treating those affected by anxiety, trauma and loss so they can create new meaning, shed the demands of the past, and resume living the kind of life they want to live.  I have helped trauma survivors that have experienced childhood abuse, assault, and vehicle accidents.  I am also experienced in working with medical professionals, first responders, active-duty service members, and veterans.  For five years I worked exclusively with active duty and retired service members. This is what led me to specialize in working with men.

Making the decision to commit to counseling takes courage.  I feel honored to share your journey and hope to offer support and guidance along the way.

About Me

I am a Colorado Native and have lived in our beautiful state for most of my life. Growing up on a farm and ranch just outside of a small town in Southern Colorado nurtured my love for helping others, a strong sense of community, appreciation for animals, and dedication to my loved ones.  

I earned my Bachelor of Arts at Colorado State University and my Masters in Counseling from the University of Wyoming. 

When I’m not working, you will find me on adventures of all sorts with my family and friends.  I love hiking, traveling, kayaking down the river, and playing board games.