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Denver Men’s Therapy is where men come to get unstuck. Our team of highly trained and skilled therapists in Denver specialize in working with men and those who love them. We provide therapy, in person and over secure video, specifically geared towards treating men who are experiencing depression and anxiety, healing from trauma, working to overcome addictions, and dealing with issues in relationships and anger issues. 


What We Specialize In

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Counseling for Men

Denver therapists specifically trained to help men through depression and anxiety, heal from past trauma, work through anger, overcome relationship issues, and face life’s every day and tougher challenges.

EMDR Therapy

If the past is keeping you from living in the present, EMDR Therapy can help. EMDR is a powerful therapy for those dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and E.D. We are specially trained and certified to help you with this powerful therapy method.

LGBTQ+ therapy for men in denver

Queer Specialized Therapy

GBTQ+ therapy is tailored for men who live with anxiety, depression and trauma within the informed understanding of how homo-bi-transphobia, internalized shame and oppression impacts and amplifies mental health stressors.

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Is the use of alcohol, drugs, or tech becoming an unhealthy habit and getting in the way of life and your relationships? Our expert Addiction therapists will help get life back on track.

Work Family Life Balance

We are fathers, friends, brothers, sons, husbands, and partners. We are hard-working. We also love fun. We help to find the balance that is the key to a meaningful life.


Couples Therapy

We help couples who have lost connection find their way back to love with outcome-focused couples therapy.


Find strength in shared experiences. Group therapy for men fosters empathy, understanding and healing in a safe, supportive environment. Experience healing in general men’s groups or through group ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.


Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) combines the power of ketamine with psychotherapy. KAP is a innovative therapy for treatment resistant depression, PTSD/ trauma, anxiety and addictions. We offer individual and group KAP.

Sex therapy


Sex therapy offers a safe and confidential space to explore issues like sexual dysfunction, performance anxiety, Sexual shame, Kink/BDSM, Sexual anxiety.

For the Loved Ones

Therapy for Men and Those who Love Them

We specialize in men and men’s issues, but we also know the people who love them may need support as well. We have put together some information on how we can best support you and your loved one when it comes to getting help with certain issues. Our therapists will work with you and your loved one to figure out the best way to help them work through depression or what is holding them back.

Our Team

We have a team of experts who specialize in all things men’s therapy. If you are looking for therapists or counseling in Denver but don’t know where to start, try our therapist match to see who would work best with you and your needs. 




I help men work through past and present obstacles that cause confusion about who they are and create a sense of instability in their personal/professional lives.

Justin Friel, LMFT



I work with LGBTQ+ people struggling with issues relating to sex, spirituality, and relationships – helping them to navigate a journey of healing and growth toward wholeness.

Devon Emmanuel, LCSW, LAC



I specialize in supporting young and adult males transitioning from treatment centers, empowering them to build a strong foundation for recovery and envision the fulfilling life they desire after leaving substance use behind.



I help men learn to let go of problematic attachments – addictions, challenging mental health symptoms and relationships – develop insight, and improve communication to improve their quality of life..




I help men who have experienced childhood trauma and attachment wounds and guide them through increasing their awareness and gaining self-acceptance.




I help men who feel stuck overcome what’s holding them back so they can build a healthy and meaningful life.

Resources From Our Team of Experts

Blog Posts

These blogs can give you an idea of some of the issues we specialize in along with tips, support, and ideas on how to handle them. We know it can be hard to seek help, but we are here to help make that easy for you.

Ketamine for PTSD: Benefits & Mechanisms

Ketamine for PTSD: Benefits & Mechanisms

Ketamine for PTSD has emerged as a promising treatment option, offering hope to patients struggling…

Substance Disorder: When Alcohol and Drugs Get in the Way

Substance Disorder: When Alcohol and Drugs Get in the Way

Have you tried to stop on your own, but feel stuck?  Substance Use Disorder (SUD)…

1in6: Male Sexual Abuse Is More Common  Than You Think

1in6: Male Sexual Abuse Is More Common Than You Think

Before we get into the 1in6 statistic, I want to say good work. If you…

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About Denver Men’s therapy

 Denver Men’s Therapy was founded in 2013 and has grown to become the top choice for men who need help with their personal and work life. They focus on mens therapy and counseling for men in Denver, offering different services to meet men’s needs. Whether you need counseling nearby or a therapist in Denver, they provide a safe and private place to talk about things like depression, anxiety, and relationships.

At Denver Men’s Therapy, we focus on men’s unique needs to provide effective and caring therapy. Our therapists specialize in helping men overcome challenges and capitalize on their strengths. With licensed professionals who have advanced training, we offer various therapeutic approaches, including EMDR therapy for trauma recovery.

If you live in Denver or nearby, it’s important to find a therapist who knows about men’s mental health. Denver Men’s Therapy helps men face their issues and grow personally. Our team is made up of some of the top therapists in Denver who have years of experience in providing men’s therapy. We treat male depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, relationship struggles, and substance use disorder.

Kyle Kelly
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Steven and the staff at Denver Men's therapy are top notch therapists of the highest integrity. I would give them six stars if I could!
Katie Bisbee-Peek
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I highly recommend Denver Men's Therapy! Extremely helpful and supportive!!!
Matt Hill
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I've known Megan Hall for over a decade and consider her one of the most compassionate, caring, and thoughtful people I know. You will be in excellent hands under her care.
Ian Dowl
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Brandon Bolden is an active and empathetic listener. His vast knowledge and experience in mental health field has made him well equipped to give his clients tools that address their wellness needs. I'd recommend his services to anyone!
 Dino Callahan
Dino Callahan
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Andy Caraway is an authentic and genuine person with a great deal of life experience. He provides a great deal of insight. Always there for his clients, he is a wonderful person and thankful for all his help.