Stephen Rodgers, Certified EMDR Therapist


LCSW, Owner, EMDR Certified, EMDRIA Approved Consultant

As an EMDR therapist in Denver, I help men who feel stuck due to trauma to heal so they can build a healthy, connected and meaningful life.

When we meet, either virtually or in-person at our therapy practice in Denver, I’ll be asking you some questions to get to know you. So to get things started, I would like to give an answer to some questions that you might have of me. Here is some insight into who I am, a feeling of where I come from, and what sort of credentials and experience I have. If you have more questions, I am more than happy to go through them with you over the phone. Reach out to me and we can discuss any questions or hesitations about therapy. 

First things first, you should know that I am a husband, Dad to two beautiful children, brother, and son. I very much love the work I do and I find it deeply meaningful and inspiring to me.

My Therapy Style

The first thing you will notice about working with me is that I do not use therapy jargon or many clinical terms. I will provide education, interventions and goal setting in language that is direct and conversational. We will talk like two men sitting in a room together figuring out life’s most important issues. I am actively engaged in your therapeutic process. This means I will be supportive and empathic as well as directive when needed.

What I Specialize In

I am a certified EMDR therapist in Denver specializing in men’s issues. I have dedicated my career to working with men and mental wellness. I work with men who are experiencing depression and/ or anxiety, struggling with addiction, trying to heal from trauma, working on relationship issues and dealing with difficult life transitions. The men who come to see me are typically angry, frustrated or feeling hopeless. I see guys who never thought they would go to therapy and guys who have tried everything. I use evidence based therapy, including EMDR therapy to help men work through life’s toughest issues and get back to living. 

Who Am I?

I have had the challenge and satisfaction to work as a psychotherapist for about fourteen years. I am proud to say that I come from a family of psychotherapists.

Growing up in a home with a parent as a therapist, I was more interested in baseball and skiing, yet I saw firsthand that therapy was a rewarding profession both on an intellectual and personal level. Through the years, as I transitioned from childhood to a young adult, my motivations and sense of calling to want to heal the world and improve the lives of others propelled me to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. I graduated and undertook social work in Jackson, Wyoming, in a group home for children.

Later, I continued my education with Master’s studies in Social Work at Colorado State University, where I was drawn to how powerful psychotherapy can be in transforming and improving the lives of those in need. I went on to earn my Master’s as a Licensed Clinical Social worker. In the process, I completed a compelling internship with a formative clinical social work experience of how suffering can be transformed into healing. This was a key part in my decision to launch my therapy practice for men in Denver.

Where I Come From?

Witnessing my clients change their lives for the better has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being a therapist. I have seen clients transform negative life experiences in their lives with a newfound narrative that gives meaning and intent to a life full of endless possibilities.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, or EMDR therapy, is one treatment that I am extremely excited to offer, and we are the only EMDR  therapy practice for men in Denver. Through this therapy, my clients have been able to resolve past trauma and live happier and more fulfilling lives. EMDR therapy for men builds on the unique strengths males bring to therapy. In addition, this approach understands that the intersection of trauma, addictions, mental health and masculinity present unique challenges but also a powerful vehicle for change and growth. As an EMDR therapist, I have witnessed the powerful transition from shame to feelings of worth, empathy, and strength. EMDR therapy is also a powerful therapy that is used to manage anxiety and depression, help with addiction, treat erectile dysfunction, resolve negative memories and improve performance. 

The greatest aspect of my practice is learning and working with my clients to recognize the challenges and the unique strengths that they each have. An important part of therapy is telling your story to someone you can trust and work with to make meaning from it. Of course, learning stems from many sources, and a considerable part of my lifelong journey as a therapist is the continued learning from therapy books, ongoing training and other tools. I always have more than one therapy book that I am reading to continue my education and fuel my passion.

Overcoming the Stigma of Therapy For Men

The conflicting characteristics that modern American men are expected to display can be confusing and challenging. When men are asked to be vulnerable and express their emotions while maintaining the masculine ideal of being in control of oneself and one’s surroundings, there is an inherent conflict that drops men between the proverbial rock-and-a-hard-place. I focus on helping men who face these social and emotional challenges to deal with emotional trauma, stress, and anxiety.

The social challenges of being a man are further complicated by the stigma about men in therapy and men’s mental health. I have noted that if we men are to enjoy meaningful relationships with others, it is simply on us to redefine what it means to be a man. Therapy explores what it means to be a man in a changing world. Therapy makes it possible to examine the meaning of masculine power and whether it comes from aggression and control, or does it come from self-knowledge, awareness, and connections with others?

Despite the social challenges, decades of research have shown that therapy for men is effective in treating most of the common mental health disorders with few side effects. The solutions are long term. The industry will naturally thrive. The challenge remains to reduce stigma for men to not go to therapy. We can choose to abide by the outdated notions for men to chide therapy, or we can choose to take a calm and cool look at the many ways therapy helps men move on with their lives and in doing so they learn how to cope in times where they require assistance.

Denver Men’s Therapy was born out of the need to address the lack of psychotherapy services specifically geared toward young and adult men. My other practice, Stephen Rodgers Counseling of Denver, is where I first started to provide this unique service. Since opening Stephen Rodgers Counseling in 2013, I realized that the demand for a men’s therapy practice in Denver is high and I couldn’t keep up with the demand on my own. Because of this, I sought out an experienced group of therapists in Denver who are focused on therapy for men and Denver Men’s Therapy was born.

My Experience

Before entering private practice, I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont in 2002. After graduation, I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I worked at a group home for at-risk children and adolescents. Following this, I completed my Masters in Social Work in 2007. I then moved to San Diego, California where I started my career working with complex trauma and children. Later I worked in a large community health center serving low income chronically mentally ill adults and children. After moving back to Colorado I started working in private practice working with young and adult men.

Over the past two years, I have taken my mission of helping other men another step further, beyond the therapy room. I help train other therapists to learn EMDR therapy during the basic EMDR training with EMDR Center of the Rockies. I also provide consultation to other EMDR therapists as an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. More recently I have presented on “Men, Trauma, and Addiction” at national and regional conferences.

I am a husband, father, brother and son. I love to be active and outside. You can often find me skiing, mountain biking and fly fishing. I also love seeing live music when I can.

I am your listener in the therapy room. I participate with you in the therapeutic relationship. The road to healing is never one of shame, discouragement or feeling that you have been put down. I am in the therapy room with you to gently and patiently challenge you in a way that will encourage you to take action to improve your life. Psychotherapy transforms you to be the best you. One that you will be proud to be.

I offer both in person therapy here in our Denver office as well as virtual sessions for those who cannot attend in person. Please reach out for adjusted virtual session fee.