Andy Caraway, MS, LPC



I help men learn to let go of problematic attachments – addictions, challenging mental health symptoms and relationships – develop insight, and improve communication to improve their quality of life.

My Therapeutic Approach

I understand that men are sometimes reluctant to engage in therapy. As a result, I believe many men are not getting the attention they need when it comes to their mental health. Men need care in the same way they would receive care for any other medical concern. My goal is to help men overcome the stigma affiliated with entering therapy and get consistent progressive care. It is of the utmost importance that men have their mental health needs attended to in order to find the greatest fulfillment in life.

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I am an addiction specialist who treats men suffering from drug and/or alcohol dependency, unhealthy behaviors, and problematic relationships. It is our task as therapists to treat mental health like any other health needs. We seek to identify the symptoms, define, or “diagnose” the problem, and develop and implement treatment.

My goal is to help clients identify the source of their challenges. I genuinely believe in the importance of honesty. To that end, I encourage men to look inward and sometimes confront uncomfortable experiences. It is my view that our lives are made up of events and how we respond to those events affects our quality of life.

Very often our symptoms are a result of accumulated painful experiences. I encourage clients to understand the causes and conditions involved in their suffering. While that is being accomplished – we can formulate methods to respond to life’s events. Many clients find that the way they react or behave is a result of accumulated significant experiences and/or trauma.

I have an eclectic style which means I will incorporate multiple styles in order to best meet client needs. For some individuals, mindfulness is an extremely helpful tool. I borrow from Eastern philosophies to guide my practice as I help men develop new insight into their lives.

About Andy

I was born and raised in the Midwest – the Kansas City Metro area. My mother was a schoolteacher and I picked up her career path and began teaching secondary education soon after graduating college. While teaching, I decided to complete a master’s program. Eventually, I left the field of education and worked in physical training including at an all-male focused private practice as their fitness instructor. There, my love for helping men realize new potential blended with a penchant for teaching. My previous academic success encouraged me to pursue another master’s degree after I had left teaching and training.

Counseling and psychology always seemed like the perfect fit for me. I think I knew all along I would end up being a therapist. My schooling and internship gave me the opportunity to work in private practice as well as exposure to different clientele. As a therapist, I have had the most amount of experience working with individuals who are dealing with substance abuse and addictions. I have worked as a recovery support specialist role at an all-male recovery program, with individuals involved in the legal system and also as an outpatient group therapist. I believe my well-rounded work experience – my life experience – and the variety of clients served have given me many of the tools to be a good ally to men seeking to change their lives.