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Denver is full of restaurants and bars, but what if you want a date night idea in Denver that is out of the box, you have come to the right place. In our digital-crazed world, truly getting to know someone in an intimate way might seem challenging. Social media can often blur our perspectives of what someone is really like beyond the internet. The profiles we create, the posts we write, and the photos we take are designed to filter out the things we don’t want our audiences to see and push the aspects of ourselves that we like or aspire to be to the forefront.

We do this in dating, too.

First impressions are important when meeting someone for the first time. But to really connect with someone, we must allow them to see us for who we truly are, and not who we think we should be.

Authenticity goes a long way, not just at the beginning of a romantic relationship but continuously throughout the lifetime of one. The art of connecting with potential romantic partners, spouses and long-term significant others relies on the amount of quality time you spend together.

That’s where date nights come in.

If you’re planning for a first date, it’s not so much about the money you spend (though that can be important when you’re dating someone new, depending on that person) but about how much thought and creativity you put into the date. More importantly, it’s about the kind of connection you make.

For established couples, especially those with children, a date night isn’t a luxury but an essential part of growing your relationship with your spouse. It not only enhances your friendship and emotional connectedness with each other but it makes your sex life better. It gives you a chance to sync up emotionally to ensure you’re on the same page when it comes to how you raising your kids. And it just gives you time to catch up with each other personally.

While dinner and a movie is a classic date night tradition, it also isn’t very original. To really impress your first date contender or your long-term significant other, here are some unique date ideas around the Denver area that are sure to impress.

Challenge your first date to a video game tournament

First dates are exciting but also have the potential to be awkward. You’re getting to know someone for the first time, which can be intimidating, especially if you’re shy. Choosing the right place to take your date can be a hard decision because you have to make a choice on where to go that will suit your date’s taste based on the little you know about that person. If you take her/him to a concert, there’s not a whole lot of time to talk to each other and it will be loud, which will require shouting to hear each other. The same goes for a sporting event.

You could, however, take her/him to an arcade.

The 1Up is an arcade and bar with three locations – Lower Downtown, East Colfax, and nearby Greenwood. This place has more than 45 new and classic arcade games, 16 pinball machines, three lanes of Skee-Ball and even multiple sets of Giant Jenga to play. The bar offers beer and cocktails, with drink specials every day of the week. And if you’re hungry, The 1Up’s Lower Downtown and Greenwood locations offer a full menu of food ranging from appetizers to salads to burgers and sandwiches. There’s also a jukebox so you can play your favorite songs. This is a great atmosphere for being able to chat over dinner and drinks but also allows time to just play games and have fun without the pressure of keeping the conversation going during awkward silences. Video games are only 25 cents and pinball is 50 cents.

Take a break from the kids for a couple’s spa day

If you have kids, spending quality time with your spouse or long-term partner can be challenging, to say the least. Setting time aside to go out without your children is essential to a healthy romantic relationship. Going out on a date doesn’t necessarily mean scheduling time at night. Day dates are just as fun and allow you to be home in time to put the kids to bed and relax on the couch afterward to reminisce about your day together. Then you can get to bed at a decent hour without feeling obligated to stay up late out of fear you’re wasting your precious time together.

Scheduling a relaxing couple’s massage at the Spa at St. Julien in nearby Boulder is a great way to unwind from the stress of raising children and to enjoy the silence and serenity it offers together. This award-winning spa features 12 treatment rooms, a full-service salon, a retail boutique, and an inner relaxation lounge. Spa guests include a complimentary day pass at the St. Julien Fitness Center, which features scenic mountain views, an indoor lap pool, a private patio and the latest fitness equipment.

After your massage, go to an early dinner at Mercantile. The restaurant opens at 5 p.m. but you can spend time prior at its European-style market which features seasonal spices, charcuterie, canned and preserved goods, and a full-service coffee bar. It’s the perfect way to end your day!

Rock out at a concert at the Mission Ballroom

If you and your partner feel the need to unleash some stress, a concert at The Mission Ballroom is an outstanding place for music lovers. Located at the north end of the RNO neighborhood, this state-of-the-art concert venue offers the best in global, national and regional concert tours, world-renowned festivals and local music events. Here is the current schedule of upcoming events.

Rekindle your romance in couple’s therapy

Okay, while the idea of couple’s therapy doesn’t sound romantic or in the least bit fun, it does offer the chance for you and your partner to have meaningful conversations about yourselves and your relationship in a private, guided atmosphere with no interruptions. The longer we are in a romantic relationship, especially with kids, sometimes we tend to neglect our own needs and the needs of our significant others. Going to therapy gives you time on a consistent basis to get to reconnect again, which will bring you closer together to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.

If you’re interested in scheduling a couple’s therapy session, contact me to make an appointment.

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