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These blogs can give you an idea of some of the issues we specialize in along with tips, support, and ideas on how to handle them. We know it can be hard to seek help, but we are here to help make that easy for you.

Gabrielle Shinagle, LMFT, LAC

Gabrielle Shinagle, LMFT, LAC

My clinical approach to men’s therapy and working with clients centers around self-empowerment and regaining

White Parents, it’s Time to Talk About Race with Our Kids

White Parents, it’s Time to

By Megan Hall, LCSW Hey Parents, specifically white parents, I wanted to take a moment

Dismantling the Inner Critic

Dismantling the Inner Critic

By Alexis Ward, MFT How would you describe your relationship with yourself and your inner

How Men Experience Anxiety

How Men Experience Anxiety

Both men and women experience anxiety, but anxiety in men and the way they express

Self Care For Men

Self Care For Men

Is self-care for men even a thing? The term "self-care" is usually geared towards women,

True Grit: What it Takes for Men to Overcome Adversity

True Grit: What it Takes

Charles Portis’ 1968 classic western novel True Grit is about 14-year-old Mattie Ross, who hires

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