I empower men grappling with depression, anxiety, agitation, or a sense of being overwhelmed, guiding them to reclaim control and joy in their lives.

Justin Friel, LMFT

About Me

Men need therapy tailored specifically for them—a confidential, supportive, and unbiased space where their unique life experiences can be openly shared and understood. This underscores the importance of engaging with therapists specialized in men’s mental health.

I specialize in working with men as they confront challenges in areas such as relationships, depression, anxiety, and stress. If you’re battling the heaviness of depression, pervasive anxiety, or find yourself in recurring patterns in your relationships, my role is to work with you to find the path of recovery and self-discovery. These challenges might present as a lack of direction, irritability, feeling stuck or a feeling of disconnection from your true self. In our work together, we’ll explore your personal experiences as we embark on a journey toward healing and becoming whole. Seeking therapy is a courageous step towards addressing and overcoming the obstacles in your life, and I am here to provide unwavering support as you take this significant stride.

How I Work

My approach to therapy emphasizes the importance of the relationship between therapist and client, fostering a confidential, safe, and welcoming environment for healing and growth. I incorporate elements from psychodynamic, family systems, and attachment theories into my practice, and I strive to create a session atmosphere that feels like a genuine connection rather than a clinical transaction. My therapeutic approach is highly relational, drawing inspiration from psychodynamic, family systems, and attachment theories. I believe in bringing my authentic self into therapy to ensure our sessions feel like genuine connections rather than clinical encounters.

About My Journey

My journey towards becoming a therapist was deeply influenced by my own struggles as a chubby gay kid in a religious family. Initially, I aspired to be a pastor and earned a degree in Biblical Studies and Preaching from Jonson Bible College. However, I soon realized that this path was not aligned with my true calling, prompting me to shift gears and pursue a career in therapy. In 2013, I completed my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Sex Therapy from Richmont Graduate University.

After joining a group practice in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2016, I took the leap to establish my independent private practice in 2019. In the same year, I came out as gay and distanced myself from Christianity, embracing my authentic self despite the challenges and pain it brought.

During my personal journey, I observed that many of my clients, friends, and individuals worldwide were also confronting their beliefs, often deconstructing them in part or in whole. This curiosity led me to move to Denver in 2021 to pursue a PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology. My research focus includes exploring how religion, politics, and culture shape Queer identities.

Though my connection to Christianity has transformed, its influence still guides my spirituality in new and meaningful ways. I respect that everyone is on a different spiritual journey, and I am committed to honoring and respecting your spiritual path, values, and practices as we integrate them into our therapeutic work.

Beyond the Therapy Office

Outside of my therapy practice, I’m a self-proclaimed coffee addict who finds joy in gardening, camping, cooking, and spending quality time with friends. I share my home with a rescue cat named Dobby, who demands frequent belly rubs, enjoys long naps on windowsills, and embarks on occasional trash-hunting adventures.  Additionally, I’m an avid reader, with some of my favorite authors including Wendell Berry, Henri Nouwen, Barbara Brown Taylor, Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, and James SA Corey.