The Tech Addiction Problem

By Rotem Brayer, LPC

Since the average person spends 3 hours a day on his phone, on average, technology addiction is not going away anytime soon. And since most of us are dependent on technology, this addiction is different from other forms of addiction.

As opposed to chemical dependency, in which an addict has to commit to quitting any substance use for the rest of his life, tech addicts still have to read their emails at work and use their phones for navigation.

Tech addicts have to learn how to use technology in moderation

A tech addict is not your average guy who checks his phone every hour. Technology addiction goes beyond the inability to sustain focus on one task. Tech addicts lose their jobs because they can’t stop checking their phones at work, they lose their relationships because they can’t stop watching porn. Some porn addicts even can’t get an erection without watching porn. 

The Solution

To help people who are addicted to technology in general and to porn in particular, we have developed a treatment protocol to address these issues. By using EMDR, HRV (Heart Rate Variability) biofeedback, in combination with traditional therapy approaches, Denver Men’s Therapy helps clients to gain control over their use of technology.

The ability to control the use of the internet and technology oftentimes leads to a reduction in anxiety and an improvement in mood. When people stop checking their phones compulsively, or when they stop watching porn obsessively, they feel more in control. The reason tech addicts start feeling better after learning to control their use of technology is that drives and impulses are located in the same area of the brain as raw emotions. When the reward center of the brain rewires, impulse control decreases, mood improves, and oftentimes anxiety is decreased.

Before We Say Goodbye

After a few weeks in which you will feel in control of your tech-related behaviors, we will create a plan. We will plan how you are going to respond to triggers because sooner or later you are going to get triggered. The outcomes of our work together will not last long if you won’t have a specific plan of what you’re going to do when facing those triggers.

Tech Addiction at Denver Men’s Threapy.

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