Relieve Stress with Counseling

During the six or so years I’ve been working as a counselor, it’s hard to imagine a personality, problem, or situation I haven’t encountered or a story I haven’t heard. At the same time, as unique each person and situation is, I’ve also noticed some common stress threads —so common, in fact, that nearly everyone I work with seems to experience these problems to some degree.

They usually go something like this…

“I’m always anxious and stressed, and I can’t ever seem to turn my mind off. I can’t stop worrying. It’s overwhelming.”

“I feel like nothing I do is ever good enough.”

“I’m always afraid of what other people will think of me.”

“I have really low self-esteem and I wish I could be more confident.”

“I have a lot going for me: I have a great career, friends, a loving partner, people who care about me, but it doesn’t seem to matter – I feel bad about myself.”

“I feel lost. I don’t enjoy anything anymore, I feel overwhelmed, but I don’t even know where to start to get help.”

“I tried counseling before, but we mostly just talked, and I don’t feel like I got any tools or strategies for how to deal with [the problem].”

You’re not alone

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you’re in good company. You are most definitely not alone. You also have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not due to any personal shortcoming or failure. In fact, there are many, many reasons why people struggle with issues like those above. Your family, your culture, your society, your experiences, your education (including all the things they didn’t teach you in school) are just a few.

One of the reasons I got into the work of counseling is because I see a national plague of mental unhealthiness and so many ugly problems that can come from them: anger, alcoholism, drug addiction, illness, anxiety, low self-worth, isolation, depression–even hopelessness and suicide.

The World Health Organization has called stress a “worldwide epidemic.” There are well known links between chronic stress and digestive problems, heart disease, weight gain, sleep problems, and migraines. Think of what all these health problems might be costing individuals and society.

Unfortunately there are also plenty of stigmas and misunderstandings surrounding mental health treatment, and sadly, many people—especially men–are afraid or ashamed to get help.

But I’m here to tell you that your mental health is as fundamental as your physical health. It literally impacts EVERYONE. Olympic rock star Michael Phelps, who won 23 gold medals, recently opened up about his personal struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. Mental health is just a fact of life, and those who ignore it do so at their own peril. Like it or not, mental health affects every aspect of your life.

You Deserve Better

No one is meant to live in pain and struggle. You deserve better. We all do. I want to help you overcome all the negativity and learn to love yourself and enjoy living your life again. Counseling is all about getting support and strategies to take control of your life and feel better. Call me at 720-295-4233 to find out how I can help, or schedule an appointment.

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I look forward to talking to you.

Tad Lusk, LPC, Author

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