What is Therapy for Men Like? Therapy is Batman.

A trip to the inner Bat Cave teaches you the skills to accomplish everything you need to make your life better.



The challenges of life often come with obstacles that can seem insurmountable like a sheer cliff, or dangerous as an alley full of black dressed ninjas headed your way.


Although you don’t need to be a superhero to overcome life’s blows and the day to day challenges, it gives you triumph in life to recharge the inner self and seek out the hero inside.


As a young boy, Batman was dealt the cruelest blow imaginable seeing his parents murdered before his eyes. He refused to succumb to the hopelessness and despair of the cruelest behavior on the planet. With bravery and hard work, he faces squarely the adversity that life has dealt him and he triumphs over it.


People respond differently to emotional and psychological challenges. Often, just like Batman we need the right environment and guidance to overcome life’s difficulties and traumas. The Batcave inner sanctum is like the therapy office.


The Bat Cave gives you time and place to re-frame how you live your life. In the Bat Cave, you have a butler and caretaker, an Alfred who will listen and offer guidance without getting in your way, you can begin to have a new way to take on the adversity of life’s challenges.


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A trained psychotherapist will be your Alfred Pennyworth who is there to help you resolve blocks, show you new skills and equipment, but ultimately stay out of your way to let you find your inner strength and triumph on your own.


In therapy, you can explore the inner reserve that you have, and test out the possibilities that make your life one that has a mission and meaning.


Within your inner self, Alfred knows you possess an endless and infinite potential for greatness that you must find on your own to live a victorious life.


He knows your Batman is strong and full of the internal power that will enable you to master the hard work of realizing your superpowers. By asking the right questions, in a practiced and considerate way, he guides and helps you take on the hard work to achieve the tenacity and inner strength that will make your life better.

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