EMDR Therapy for Men

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EMDR Therapy can break through what’s holding you back.

Maybe there are negative experiences in your past that seem to be holding you back? Are the important relationships in your life falling apart? Is something at work getting the best of you? Are you bothered or troubled by a persistent fear, stress, or anxiety?

These feelings are tough and confusing. Further, stress and anxiety can lead to other changes like depression and relationship problems. If you find you are stuck or challenged like so many other men you can take steps to get back on track before things get worse.

If you find you are stuck or challenged like so many other men you can take steps to get back on track before things get worse. Meeting with a professional EMDR therapist will help you get things back on track and feeling your true self again. Strong and able to meet life’s challenges.

What We Hear From Men About Why They Love EMDR Therapy:

-It works and feels good

-It’s action oriented and goal directed. You are able to get “right to the issues”

-Less talking about painful experiences. No unending conversations

-It often requires fewer sessions than other talk thearpy

-There is a clear plan and outline to the therapy.

You can resolve anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, and relationship challenges with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).  Trauma from childhood or adulthood can lead to emotional hangups and troubling times.

An expert EMDR therapist knows how to provide symptom improvement by work through the process of resolving core issues. 

We are Denver Men’s Therapy. A collective of therapists dedicated to improving the lives of men. We are licensed psychotherapists with advanced EMDR training and years of experience helping men overcome emotional trauma and the hardships of life.

We offer a safe environment where you can feel comfortable as we explore challenges in your situation. Each person processes information according to his unique situation.  We are able to take these cues and help you create new information processing and new learning while eliminating emotional disturbance. With our therapy, clients report a greater resolution in how they feel about their issues and a great reduction in the trauma overall.

EMDR Therapy for Men Treats:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma
  • Addictions
  • Physical Pain
  • Reduce Unhealthy Anger
  • Positive processing of past harmful memories
  • Fear and Avoidance
  • Resolve painful emotions
  • Reduced intrusive thoughts and flashbacks
  • Shame
  • Increased natural energy

What happens in EMDR Therapy? Is there something that makes it different? What’s a session actually like?

You might have heard about EMDR therapy before, but what is it like for someone who has never tried it before, or never even tried therapy at all before? First of all, at Denver Men’s Therapy, you can expect an office setting made to make men feel comfortable like we’re meeting for a strategy meeting, which is what we’re doing anyway. The difference with EMDR is that we use a structured process to help your brain process negative beliefs, symptoms and memories. This then allows you to create healthy reactions to painful memories.

For example, at the end of an EMDR session, people often say “I don’t like what happened to me in the past, but I no longer feel shame about it. In fact, now I feel healthy about myself when I think of that situation.” Often in EMDR, we use eye movements while working through difficult past experiences (or through your anxiety, compulsions, depression, or unique situation.)

Compared to other therapies, most often people are in EMDR therapy for a shorter period of time and do not have a relapse of their symptoms in most cases. Many clients report positive change after their first EMDR session and may require a few more for deeper positive effects.

Many clients report positive change after one EMDR session and may require a few more for deeper positive change.

This is the simplest way to describe it, but in order to provide EMDR therapy, a therapist needs to be specifically trained and put through many hours of observation and practice before working with clients. It is quite complicated and must be done well and precisely according to the proper method. Our office is uniquely qualified and trained in EMDR therapy for men specifically.

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Emotional trauma and anxiety if left unchecked can lead to problems at home and work. Marital problems may surface from unchecked emotions. Work-induced stress may lead to frustrated co-workers, alienation, and loneliness. We are Denver’s leading group of therapists for men and have been practicing for over 10 years, helping countless men get their lives back on track again. You can be one of them.

Asking for help is an act of bravery. It’s not easy.  

Additionally, it is our job to learn how to open new recognition to the underlying issues that have been setting you back and set you on to living again. Your sessions are private and confidential. We will work on resolving the issues that are causing you problems so that you can get on with it and enjoy your life again.

Here’s proof.

As a group of EMDR therapists, one of the most rewarding aspects is witnessing our clients change their lives for the better. We have seen our clients change their lives with a new narrative that makes sense of what has happened in the past so that they now see the future as having endless possibilities. Working with Denver Men’s Therapy will open the door to the life you want and deserve. Our highly effective approach has already helped thousands of men in Colorado, you can be one of them.

Men say EMDR Therapy is:

Life Changing

“EMDR therapy is a way to use your own physical body to reverse damage from trauma, depression, anxiety, or even to help with low energy, ED, stress or regular everyday hard times. It’s helped so many people.” – S. R.


“Highly skilled, compassionate, and effective. Working from a space of deep empathy and authentic communication, Stephen employs the EMDR methodology to successfully help adult men process trauma and create new possibilities for their lives.” – B.B.


“Using mindfulness as a staple of their practice, Denver Men’s Therapy is skilled in effective EMDR therapy, and is a leader in the area of men’s mental health, helping to normalize therapy services.” – K. J.

Our Team at Denver Men’s Therapy work exclusively with men on men’s issues.

Our special focus on helping men with emotional trauma, anxiety, and depression through EMDR therapy provides you will the unique opportunity to resolve the roadblocks in your life. At Denver Men’s Therapy, we are flipping the old script on the modern American male. The script that says he is expected to publicly be strong and display only an aggressive persona that is always in control of his surroundings. To show vulnerability is not acceptable. The problem with this narrative is it often leaves men to face emotional trauma alone and in silence. Our practice gives men the place and time to safely wander away from the difficult spot the American man is in these days.  In therapy, we can explore what it means to be a man in today’s society, while we uncover the root causes of emotional trauma and anxiety that is keeping you stuck.

Take the first step to getting unstuck. Open the door to discovering how EMDR therapy will help what is troubling you. Call 720.295.4233 or click below to schedule an initial session with our collective. Click below to find out if EMDR therapy for men may work for you.

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