Rotem Brayer


Rotem Brayer, LPC, EMDR Certified

I help guys who are struggling with substance addiction, tech addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma create a more meaningful and balanced life.

About Me

As a men’s therapist in Denver, I am driven by outcomes and I will do my best to help you get the results you want. I believe that the best way to help you to achieve your goals is by developing an authentic understanding of who you are and what I can help you with. We will then focus on what you want to achieve until we accomplish your desired outcome. I provide therapy in English as well as Hebrew.

Who Am I?

Originally from Israel, I moved to Boston in my late 20s to start graduate school and became a therapist. In graduate school, I specialized in treating people with mental health issues and addictions. After I completed grad school I worked in community mental health where I treated depression, anxiety, and addictions. In 2017 I became a certified EMDR therapist in Denver. I became fascinated with how the brain works, and how, in certain conditions, the brain can rewire itself. This realization, that the brain becomes adaptable in certain situations, has guided me and helped me with the development of an effective treatment for tech-addicts.

Focused, Effective and Evidence-Based Treatment

I know how hard it is to be a man in the 21st century – it involves a lot of stress.

The accumulation of stress, without treating its root cause, usually leads to more stress, and in some cases, to the development of anxiety, depression, anger, physical symptoms, and health problems. My approach is to treat your underlying causes, and not just the symptoms so that the result of our work will be long-lasting.

My mission as a men’s therapist in Denver is to help every one of my clients to create a more meaningful and balanced life. I used evidence-based, effective treatment modalities that are individually tailored to every client’s needs and preferences.

My approach is collaborative, goal-oriented and focused. Therapy should not last forever – it should last as long as it has to but not longer.

In order to make therapy effective, so you get the best value out of our work, I am making these five commitments, so you can have a clear expectation of what our work is going to look like.

Commitment #1 – 100% Acceptance

Most men find that starting therapy can be hard. It’s crucial that you feel like you can be yourself. I am committed to accepting you where you are on the journey with openness, full acceptance, no judgment.

Commitment #2 – Focus

There’s a lot of noise out there.This noise can be your work, your spouse, your kids, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels that are deliberately designed to manipulate your mood. This noise never stops and, in some cases, it leads to psychological and physiological symptoms. The noise can change your thoughts and your feelings. The ability to focus will allow you to be more present and find what needs to happen to achieve your goals.

Commitment #3 – Planning

Having a plan, with clearly defined goals will make our work more effective. In one of our first sessions, we will discuss your goals, so we can focus our work. Goals can always be revisited and modified.

Commitment #4 – Feedback

I welcome feedback and always encourage my clients to reflect on how they feel. Knowing what works for you, and more importantly – what doesn’t – can help me modify some of the strategies and techniques I use to help you achieve your goals and the life you want.

Commitment #5 – Maintenance

During our sessions, I will strongly encourage you to develop habits that will enhance our therapy work. These habits will include meditation (highly recommended for every person!), in addition to other therapy techniques that will help you gain more balance in life. These tools, if used regularly, will help you when you transition out of therapy and into your calmer, centered life.